Ghost Story Episode 12: “Creatures of the Canyon”

Originally airing December 15, 1972, this episode of Circle of Fear/Ghost Story has Carol Finney (Angie Dickinson) being stalked by a black Doberman that once belonged to her now-dead husband, a dog that keeps coming even after it’s been poisoned.

John Ireland, who is in stuff like Waxwork II: Lost in Time and Miami Golem after a career playing in Hollywood classics like Spartacus, plays the neighbor who has taken ownership of the dog and doesn’t care at all when Carol is being snarled and barked at.

Written by Richard Matheson and Del Reisman, who worked on everything from Peyton Place to Airwolf, this — not sorry for the pun — dog of an episode was directed by Walter Doniger, whose career was also mostly in TV directing episodes of Maverick and McCloud. He was known for using long, uninterrupted takes, frequent close-ups, deep-focus composition, tracking shots and early use of videotape.

Dickinson is fine if wasted in this. Ah, Circle of Fear. Your highs are highs and your lows are low.

You can watch this on YouTube.


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