CANNON MONTH: Castaway (1986)

Lucy Irvine wrote the book Castaway all about the year that she spent living with writer Gerald Kingsland on the isolated island of Tuin, between New Guinea and Australia. Director Nicolas Roeg made this adaption, working from a script by Allan Scott.

Irvine is played by Amanda Donahue, while Kingsland is Oliver Reed. Donahue said of this film, “Well, naked on a desert island with Oliver Reed – it was a tabloid fantasy, wasn’t it? He was an alcoholic and his behavior was erratic, but he was always a courteous and good actor.”

Yeah, Reed lost weight to be in this movie by using the vodka diet.

Kate Bush was the initial choice to play Irvine but didn’t want to be nude for the entire film. Instead, she sent her song “Be Kind to My Mistakes.”

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