CANNON MONTH: Hot Resort (1985)

Hot Resort is an American Lemon Popsicle-style movie without the strangeness of The Last American Teen Virgin. I feel like I could stop writing here, but let’s trudge on.

Directed by John Robins, who worked on The Benny Hill Show which had to have served him well in this film, and co-written by Robins, Boaz Davidson (who, yes, made Lemon Popsicle and the American version, the aforementioned The Last American Teen Virgin) and Norman Hudis, who wrote several Carry On movies and lots and lots of TV, Hot Resort has four guys — Marty (Tom Parsekian), Kenny (Michael Berz), Chuck (Dan Schneider, who ends up being in two Cannon movies I watched in two days) and Brad (Bronson Pinchot) — working at a resort and really, that’s the plot. There’s some Meatballs competition against a rowing team and the winner gets to be in a soup commercial and you know, maybe this movie is pretty strange. Not bringing oranges to the hospital odd, but close.

Also, it seems like every teen comedy has to have some old Hollywood in it, and we all know that Satan is inside every actor from the time, so here’s Frank Gorshin. Marcy Walker — ex-daughter-in-law of Dick Warlock — is in this, as well as Debra Kelly and Linda Kenton, Penthouse Pet of the Month May 1983.

There are good 80s sex comedies. Then there’s Hot Resort. And Hot Chili, which is the same movie just about.

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