CANNON MONTH: I’m Almost Not Crazy: John Cassavetes, the Man and His Work (1984)

As part of his deal with Cannon to make Love Streams, John Cassavetes had director Michael Ventura installed behind the scenes of that movie, the last that he would direct and write.

There are behind the scenes documentaries and then there is this movie, which has Cassavetes leading around a miniature horse while wearing a floppy hat and yelling at people to be quiet out of respect for his wife. Man, Gena Rowlands is amazing, Seymour Cassel was great and just seeing Cassavetes alive and creating is what makes life good. If the world was right, he’d still be alive and making movies his way and not many people would see them, but who cares?

I adore that Cannon could give him a home while also making ninja movies.

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