CANNON MONTH: The Secret of Yolanda (1982)

I’ll be honest: I can’t find this movie anywhere. But in my quest to cover every Cannon movie, I feel like it’s important to share an overview.

Directed by Joel Silberg, who would direct LambadaBreakin’ and Rappin’ for Cannon, as well as the pro wrestling movie Bad Guys, from a script by Ei Tavor, who wrote Lemon PopsicleGoing SteadyHot BubblegumPrivate PopsicleSalsa and Lemon Popsicle: The Party Goes On, this is the tale of a gorgeous deaf-mute who has both her riding instructor and her guardian in love with her.

Yes, it has sex on a horse, and yes, I only know about this movie because of Austin Trunick’s perfect book, The Cannon Film Guide: Volume I, 1980–1984.

If you have a copy, I’d love to see this. But after reading what Austin saw, I may not be fully invested in my need to see this.

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