CANNON MONTH: Seed of Innocence (1980)

Boaz Davidson, the man who brought us Lemon Popsicle, the American remix The Last American Virgin and The Expendables, directed this early Cannon film, which is all about two kids who fall in love (Danny and Alice, played by Timothy Wead and Mary Cannon), move to New York City and watch it all fall apart.

There’s a good supporting cast — there’s nothing that I ever disliked Vincent Schiavelli , T.K. Carter and William Sanderson in — and hey look there’s Shirley Stolen from The Honeymoon Killers.

The kids fight, they reconcile, they work hard, they hit a wall, they nearly break up and almost lose their kid, but the end brings it all back together in a joyous courtroom moment that had me say, “You know, they’re still going to lose that kid to CPS, right?”

This really seems like an afterschool special made by maniacs that don’t really feel like giving you a moral or a lesson, which really seems to be a description of so many Cannon films when you get right down to it.

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