On March 25, Brian Trenchard-Smith’s Ozploitation cult classic Stunt Rock will return to theaters in a brand new 4K restoration, presented by Kino Cult.

Part documentary, part rock film, and all kinds of crazy, Stunt Rock is a feature length ode to fearless Australian stuntman Grant Page (the Mad Max films, Road Games, The Gods Of Egypt). Real-life stuntman Grant Page travels to Los Angeles to work on a television series, and in his spare time lends his expertise to his cousin’s rock band Sorcery – helping them develop pyrotechnic magic tricks for their stage shows, all while finding himself in a budding romance with reporter Lois Wills (Margaret Gerard).

Helmed by Ozploitation legend Brian Trenchard-Smith (BMX Bandits, Deathcheaters), Stunt Rock is a breathless, action-packed 90-minute trailer. Footage from other of his films (as well as licensed clips from the original Gone in 60 Seconds) pad out the impressive new stunts and the Spinal Tap-esque musical excursions of Sorcery, featuring an on-stage battle between good and evil, magic, a wizard, and a flame-throwing devil… Stunt Rock is danger as you never imagined it!

Stunt Rock opens March 25 at Alamo Drafthouse cinemas in New York, Los Angeles, Yonkers, Austin, Denver, Raleigh, San Antonio, Minneapolis, Houston, Charlottesville, Lubbock, and Omaha, with additional theatrical engagements to follow.

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