The Sleeper Must Awaken: Making Dune (2021)

Beyond releasing the astounding UHD of Dune, Arrow Video now has The Sleeper Must Awaken on its ARROW Player streaming service. Visit ARROW to start your 30-day free trial. Subscriptions are available for $4.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly. ARROW is available in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland on the following Apps/devices: Roku (all Roku sticks, boxes, devices, etc), Apple TV & iOS devices, Android TV and mobile devices, Fire TV (all Amazon Fire TV Sticks, boxes, etc), and on all web browsers at

Frank Herbert’s Dune seems like the type of book that is either unfilmable or would need a madman like Alejandro Jodorowsky to make, creating a film out of something he’d never read and still changing the world even if his movie never got made (see Jodorowsky’s Dune).

Dino de Laurentiis seemed like he wanted to blow Star Wars out of people’s minds with sandworms and spice and still suits, spending $40 million ($108 million in 2022 money) to attempt to get this film to the screen, bringing in David Lynch and getting folks to read a glossary of terms before they even watched the movie.

This movie has no talking heads, which is a departure for films covering films, and we hear Herbert and Lynch via old interviews, as one is dead and the other claims that the movie is dead to him.

If you’ve never seen Dune before, I’m not sure that this movie will get you wanting to see it. But for those of us fascinated with how a movie that seemingly had no chance of connecting to mainstream audiences and didn’t and yet became a movie that people still love to watch, well, this is the kind of movie that shows you how it happened, what went wrong and how audiences reacted.

One thought on “The Sleeper Must Awaken: Making Dune (2021)

  1. This is the doc that should have been on the Dune disc release, but it was running late and Arrow wouldn’t/couldn’t wait for it to be finished before sending the disc to the manufacturing plants. So I’m a wee bit miffed that Arrow are now finally ready to let me see it, IF I’m willing to pay again for something that should have been on the disc release I already bought.


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