Ghost Story: Episode 8 “House of Evil”

For an episode that uses the Bewitched house, this Circle of Fear/Ghost Story episode just might be the most frightening of the entire series, casting a super young Jodie Foster as Judy, a girl in love with her grandfather, played by Melvyn Douglas. Judy is deaf/mute and her grandfather, well, he’s evil as it gets, giving her the ability to speak without speaking and gifting her with a dollhouse and the ability to make cookie voodoo dolls, all because his daughter — who he speaks with beyond the veil of death — died giving birth to Judy, her husband (Richard Mulligan) has remarried and no one seems to be grieving like he is.

Trust me — you’ve never seen cookies with raisin eyes treated in so sinister a way and for as silly as the subject is, this episode is filmed completely straight. It’s a sinister old man corrupting a child into using her latent mental powers to decimate her family.

The script is a double blast from two of the best writers in horror film and TV, Robert Bloch and Richard Matheson, and it was directed by Daryl Duke, who also made A Cry for HelpFatal Memories and The Silent Partner, as well as one of the most successful TV movies ever, The Thorn Birds.

If you’re looking for the perfect episode to get into this show, this would be it.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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