JESS FRANCO MONTH: Una rajita para dos (1984)

Jess Franco kept coming back to the Red Lips, this time to create a pornographic parody of them and this time, Lina Romay plays some kind of spy who programs women by placing a microchip up their asses, which reminds me of how James Shelby Downard shared in his book The Carnivals of Life and Death: My Profane Youth: 1913-1935 that when he reconnected with his first love after years apart that she had been co-opted by the labyrinth of sex-magick-occult-conspiracy that plagued him for his entire life, he reached down to her rear end and she had a series of wires and computer chips the likes of which we wouldn’t see for many decades hanging out of her posterior.

Carmen Carrión, who was in Franco’s Alone Against Terror and The Sexual Story of O, appears, as does Rosa María Martín from Lilian and Mari Carmen Nieto from Mansion of the Living Dead and La sombra del judoka contra el doctor Wong. Amongst all the spy on spy hardcore scenes, Antonio Mayans plays a gay character.

With Lina’s limited role in this movie, I wonder if she really did co-direct this movie.

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