JESS FRANCO MONTH: Sangre en mis zapatos (1983)

An Edgar Wallace movie.

Yes, Jess Franco really did do it all.

Based on Sanders of the River, Lina Romay plays Paquita la Fina, a showgirl who gets involved with secret agents — one of Franco’s favorite stories — and Professor Abert Von Klaus (Howard Vernon), who has hidden the blueprint for a nuclear weapon inside a music box. And Antonio Mayans as a CIA agent and no budget for stunts.

I kind of like that Franco was trying different things and not strictly making sexual films — at least in 1982 — and pushing himself.

Blood On My Shoes may not be a well-known or even thought of Franco movie, but it’s a double-cross spy movie years after anyone cared about these things.

You have to give Franco some credit for being an iconoclast.

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