JESS FRANCO MONTH: Die Marquise von Sade (1976)

Lady Doriana Grey (Lina Romay, who else?) haunts a castle while her twin sister has been under the care of Dr. Orloff in his asylum, but we never see him. And we do know they have a strange psychic connection beyond their similar looks.

That’s not the only problem Doriana has.

It turns out that she can’t properly experience le petite mort, as they say, and her lovers end up taking the big sleep as a result of making love to her. That’s what keeps both of the sisters young, but it’s the bliss — and feelings of life running out — that are making the other sister even more unhinged.

Also known as Die Marquise von Sade, this has Monica Swinn as the reporter who figures this out and Raymond Hardy is also in it. He was Romay’s husband at the time and let that walk around your brain because this entire movie feels like Jess making love to his muse — and future wife — with his camera, every zoom being a thrust, every long look at her body a longing sigh either in his heart or probably loins, a union of just the two of them making tender love through the glass lens, rainbow in the skyline behind her, dead woman in the bathtub, multiple Linas into infinity.

Also — it’s pretty much Female Vampire, but you’re either going to love this or think Franco is a hack.

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