JESS FRANCO MONTH: Red Lips (1968)

If we are to place our faith in the Jess Franco universe, it’s in the knowledge that there are heroes and there are villains. Regina and Diane would be on the side of good, even if they kind of bumble their way through most of their adventures. From Two Undercover Angels and Kiss Me Monster to Two Spies In Flowered Panties, Franco would return to these lady agents more than once.

Franco’s second movie, this has the detective duo seeking stolen diamonds — yes, this happens all the time in Franco Earth — and hey, if the men can’t solve it, they sure can.

This is way more chaste — understatement — than any of the Franco movies to follow. But it’s infused with some of his loves, like jazz, gorgeous dancing women and noir. It’s a good start and perhaps, at some point soon enough, there will come a break with reality, the discovery of a muse and the knowledge that you can really zoom a camera when you want to.

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