JESS FRANCO MONTH: Frauengefängnis (1976)

Any time you don’t see a poster in a Jess Franco month post, realize that I share these on Facebook and I’d like people to be able to see them. Seeing as how this is also called Wicked Women and Women Without Innocence, you can imagine that there was no poster that really was safe for posting.

Margarita (Lina Romat) is the only witness of a murder so brutal — it was in the midst of a romantic thruple situation — that it’s given her shock and amnesia, sending her to a psychiatric clinic where another masked man — or is the same one? — assauts her and kills another woman. He promises to return to murder her, so she better get those memories back in a hurry.

If you think you’ve seen bad doctors before, well, these ones just scream at Lina and one of the female doctors decides to take a bath with her, which doesn’t seem like the kind of bedside manner that gets taught in college. I don’t know, maybe the Jess Franco universe has very different rules than our own.

So in short: women in prison but in a sanitarium with diamond smuggling and giallo.

How many Jess Franco movies concern diamond smuggling? All of them, sometimes.

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