JESS FRANCO MONTH: Jungfrauen-Report (1972)

The Schoolgirl Report movies were big business in the early 70s and so were the mondo films, so here’s Jess Franco to make his own version in his own style. And we are here to watch.

Ingrid Steinbach and Eva Garden have been in a bunch of the originals like Schoolgirl Report Part 3: What Parents Find Unthinkable and Virgin Wives, plus Franco brought his regulars like Howard Vernon (Dr. Orloff, I presume), Britt Nichols AKA Carmen Yazalde (A Virgin Among the Living DeadThe Demons) and Christina von Blanc (A Bell from HellThe Dead Are Alive!).

This entire movie is dedicated to women losing their virginity, whether it’s through deflowering rituals of the past or the women of today doing everything they can to lose their innocence. There’s also Adam and Eve showing how they knew each other biblically and, following that, a priest and a nun giving one another confession, so to speak. And oh yeah — man on the street interviews.

Strangely enough, in the 1980s, Franco would make Faceless for the producer who created the Schulmädchen-Report series, Wolf C. Hartwig. Franco also made another mondo,  In 80 Betten um die Welt, which my obsession screams at me that I must now watch.

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