JESS FRANCO MONTH: Camino Solitario (1984)

Detective Al Pereira (Antonio Mayans) is back and for this story, he’s been hired by Raden (Ricardo Palacios) and Eva (Lina Romay) to find their sister Adrianna (also Lina, but let’s say that she’s also Candice Coster).

Mayan’s daughte Flavia plays his daughter in the movie and his wife Juana de la Morena plays his ex-wife and somehow, this is a noir movie with none of the excesses that you expect from Jess Franco, just a detective story. There’s even a voice-over that explains that this is how real detective work happens, not like you see it in a film.

So yeah. A Jess Franco movie without rampant nudity, all that much violence and a tender relationship between father and daughter who wants to be his detective secretary. Keep on surprising me from beyond the grave, Jess Franco.

Franco was going to make twelve years before with Marisa Mell, Barbara Bouchet and Mark Damon, but he couldn’t get the money. You have no idea how much I wish that movie had happened.

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