JESS FRANCO MONTH: Las chicas del tanga (1987)

Lina Romay directed 13 movies in between starring in 123 films, most of them with the man for whom she became a muse, Jess Franco.

Surprisingly, this film — despite a title that means The Girls In Thong — is nowhere near as racy as the other movies Franco made on this end of his career, feeling more like a comedy than anything else.

The men are stupid, the women are attractive, there’s no translation and no awkward anatomy zoom lenses. That said, this is quite obviously for people that have created their own Letterboxd lists to track how many Franco movies they’ve watched.

Maybe it’s so chaste — well, for Franco — because Antonio Mayans had his wife Juana de la Morena and both of his daughters, Ivana and Flavia, in the cast (actually, that’s BS because Flavia was also in Emanuelle Exposed and Bahía blanca). Speaking of that Emanuelle Franco movie, its lead Muriel Montossé is also in this, as are Eva León (Voodoo Black ExorcistBlue Eyes of the Broken Doll) and Analía Ivars (Gold Temple AmazonsLust for Frankenstein).

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