JESS FRANCO MONTH: La Chute des Aigles (1989)

Night of the Eagles is kind of amazing, at least for its cast, because can you believe that Luke Skywalker, Jess Franco, Charlie Sheen’s brother and Count Dooku all made a movie together?

After the success of their two previous movies, Dark Mission: Evil Flowers and Countdown to Esmeralda Bay — both directed by Franco — Eurociné’s boss Marius Lesoeur pushed this movie to get done as soon as possible, thinking it would be a blockbuster. It would lead to a feud between Lesoeur and Franco that would last for the rest of Franco’s life.

Lee plays Walter Strauss, who has a daughter named Lillian (Alexandra Erlich) who has to decide between two men, a soldier named Peter (Hamill) and a composer by the name of Karl (Ramon Estevez), which brings her from being a cabaret singer to the front lines to tragedy, pretty much like everyone and everything in this movie.

With war scenes taken from Alfredo Rizzo’s Heroes Without Glory, Alain Payet’s Hitler’s Last Train and Nathalie: Escape from Hell, as well as Convoi de filles, a movie that Franco co-directed with Pierre Chevalier.

It’s fine — it’s not my kind of movie, but I can respect that Franco was making big movies — well, for him — after Faceless did well. Am I a bad person if I prefer to watch movies where Jess zooms the camera right into the middle of the love of his life?

You can watch this on Tubi.

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