Fuck the Devil 2 : Return of the Fucker (1991)

Michael Pollklesener is the man — well, maybe kid — who made all of this and played the Fucker, who didn’t survive his first movie, Fuck the Devil, because a VHS tape of Evil Dead II chopped his head off. But this time, a tape of A Nightmare on Elm Street has brought him back to life, thrown an Evil Dead shirt on his decayed body, a rubber mask on his face and acid washed jeans on his bod and sent him out to become invisible, make people puke and kill, baby, kill.

Just imagine: at some point in Germany, someone got a camcorder and said, “Ich möchte einen Slasher-Film machen” and just did it. There’s no deep meaning, just blood and gristle and vomit and chunky stuff and bathtub murder. It also has it’s own theme song when the Casio on demo mode runs out of bossa nova beats.

Is it any worse than the direct to streaming stuff that litters Amazon Prime? At least someone cared when they made it.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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