Kekko Kamen (1991)

Mayumi Takahashi attends Sparta Academy, a boarding school run by maniacs led by the masked Toenail of Satan who are looking for ways to torture or humiliate the students. The students’ only protection is from the nude superheroine, Kekko Kamen, who wears no clothes and uses her, well, lady parts to stun men into submission. Well, she does wear some clothes — red boots, gloves, scarf and a mask with long bunny-like ears — and her finishing move that she uses to defeat villains is  Her a flying headscissors takedown which presses her groin into the victim’s face called the Oppiroge Jump.

Look, it was 54 minutes of my time and allows to talk to you about just how strange Shōnen Jump is, a Japanse manga comic that has introduced everything from My Hero AcademiaOne PieceNaruto and Dragon Ball to KinnkumanFist of the North Star and, well, Kekko Kamen, which was introduced in the monthly version of the magazine. It was created by Go Nagai, who created Mazinger ZDevilmanViolence Jack and Cutie Honey. The influence of these comics, created in Japan, made their way all over the world.

So yes, the same man who created a Shogun Warrior also invented a totally nude superheroine who uses her body to stop men from mistreating women by subverting their male gaze while also being part of manga, anime and movies that completely reward the male gaze, yet has a heroine that uses the forbidden in Japan power of the female pubic hair and its mystery to end evil.

Forever stay weird Japan.

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