What’s on Shudder: February 2022

February isn’t the longest month, but Shudder is bringing maybe one of their best lineups ever. Check it out!

February 1

Tales from the Hood and Tales from the Hood 2: Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott created one of the best horror anthologies ever and have followed it up with several sequels. While the second one is a mixed bag, the first one is unstoppable brilliance.

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Night and Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood: Speaking of one film being way better than the other, Demon Night is a great blast of 90s horror. Bordello? Yeah, not so much.

The Boris Karloff Collection: Now this is why we pay for Shudder! All month long, check out the new documentary Boris Karloff: The Man Behind the Monster, The Black Cat, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, House of Frankenstein, The Mummy, Son of Frankenstein, The Old Dark House and Black Sabbath.

Cherry Falls: In the wake of the 90 slasher comeback, this movie has always felt forgotten. It’s exciting to see that it’s going to be on Shudder.

Queen of the Damned: Lestat plays rock ‘n roll in a movie based on the book that your mom definitely bought.

Roh: In this Malaysian movie, a family finds a girl covered in clay who soon leads the spirit world to their real world.

February 2

Blood Glacier: A leaking glacier? Man, do we need things to get any worse?

The Last Winter: More eco-terror, as drilling leads to the kind of worldwide damage that they make movies like this about. Meta, huh?

February 3

Slapface: A boy hides in the woods before he finds something else that may be unfriendly to everyone but him in this Shudder exclusive.

February 7

Rock, Paper, Scissors: A strange ride that finds two siblings lost in their own world being confronted by their half-sister and a major change in their lives.

Entwined: A doctor comes to a small village and falls in love with a local girl, but things are never what they seem, right?

Fragile: A nurse at a childrens’ hospital struggles to keep her patients safe.

February 8

I Blame Society: A filmmaker attempts to finish her film, no matter who has to be hurt.

February 10

All the Moons: A young girl caught in the middle of the horror of war is rescued by either a vampire or an angel in a Shudder exclusive.

February 11

Joe Bob’s Heartbreak Trailer Park: Two movies, four guests, lots of broken hearts as Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy are back for a Shudder special.

February 14

Knocking: We saw this at Fantastic Fest and it’s a tense and trapped tale of one woman facing a frightening place to live or finally going insane.

Corporate Animals: Demi Moore plays the CEO that takes her team on a dangerous retreat.

I Am A Ghost: Stuck in the same house, Emily gets a clairvoyant therapist.

Silent Retreat: After the movies on this day, will anyone want to go anywhere to work on themselves and their career?

Spring: I’ve always wanted to see this — a man falls in love with a woman who may not identify as a human being.

Eat Brains Love: You can’t get a wood sign for this movie at Hobby Lobby.

February 17

They Live In the Gray: A social worker must use her psychic powers to save an at-risk family in this Shudder exclusive.

February 21

Dawn of the Beast: Graduate students try to find Bigfoot. Bad idea.

Dogs: The grandson of a mob boss learns that the don and his men won’t let their property go, even after death.

Detention: School goes very, very wrong after a student wakes up at her desk and learns that she’s trapped in a nightmare.

February 24

Hellbender: We saw this Shudder exclusive at Fantastic Fest and it’s a wild ride about mother and daughter witches who are also a heavy metal band in the woods. It gets way stranger than that description…

Plus, A Discovery of Witches season 3 ends February 19.

What are you excited about in February on Shudder?

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