Rock Paper and Scissors (2019)

Known as Piedra, papel y tijera in its home country of Argentina, this is the story of Jesus and Maria José, who live together in the home of their father, who has recently died. Their world is not ours — filled with unending games and no small amount of malice toward one another. Now, their sister Magdalena has arrived to sell their home and get her share of the inheritance. The siblings don’t want their game to stop, so they bring her into the hopes that they never have to leave.

Maria doesn’t just love The Wizard of Oz. She has become Dorothy Gale and everyone else is trapped within her universe. And when Magdalena is hurt and trapped in the house with her family, things only get stranger. Also — Jesus is making a horror movie the entire time with Maria as his star and that reality also starts to intrude into the lives of our characters.

Pablo Sigal and Agustina Cerviño played the roles of Jesus and Magdalena when this story was set as a stage play written by the film’s co-director Macarena Garcia Lenzi. The film was adapted with the help of co-director Martin Blouson.

With just three people — as well as a hamster named Toto and various containers with dead humans in various states — this movie gets really claustrophobic and isn’t one for people who get stressed when they head home for the holidays. For the rest of us, it’s an interesting watch.

Rock, Paper and Scissors is available on demand from Dark Star Pictures.

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