GREGORY DARK WEEK: Frenemy (2009)

Made as Little Fish, Big Pond, this is the last movie that Gregory Dark has made other than the documentary An Evening with Stephen Lynch. It follows the wanderings of Mr. Jack (Matthew Modine) and Sweet Stephen (Callum Blue) as they make their way through Los Angeles and discuss the nature of life.

And if you look at the cover and wonder, is Zach Galifianakis in this any more than five minutes?

No. He isn’t.

But hey, Adam Baldwin is pretty good as Tommy the cop and there’s a really strange dialogue on the history of porn, especially when you consider that director Gregory Dark had finally left the world of adult behind, but it doesn’t look down on anyone who needs pornography. But the mention of Traci Lords is interesting, seeing as how one of the movies damaged by her underage status was Dark’s New Wave Hookers.

There’s also the mystery of who chopped up a waitress, a Springer talk show with a child murderer, Mattew Modine tripping a child and singing a lot, a strange ending in limbo and a bum fight with a bottle stabbing. Not all of it holds up, but it definitely wasn’t the kind of movie I expected and I enjoyed watching it. It’s more of several actors all trying out characters, but it never gets too arty and indulgent.

Writer Robert Dean Klein has made a bunch of The Wrong… TV movies as well as a film we enjoyed last year, 6:45. Honestly, I’d love to speak to either him or Dark about this film and learn more, because I have so many questions. Maybe you catch watch it and ask some in the comments.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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