GREGORY DARK WEEK: Carnal Crimes (1991)

Elise (Linda Carol, Reform School Girls) might look like a gorgeous woman to any other man — and many women — but not to her husband, so is it any wonder that she falls for Renny (Martin Hewitt), a photographer who encourages her to live her fantasies while also having some fantasy sex of his own with Julie Strain in a sushi bar? If he’s really a murderer, are we surprised?

This was Gregory Dark’s first erotic thriller — he’d make New Wave Hookers 2 the same year, so he was still working in the adult world — and it’s still amazing to me that of all the directors in X, he was the one that crossed over into the mainstream. There was no one in any type of film making the surreal insanity that he was at the time, movies where the sex wasn’t even remotely arousing and it was all about pushing boundaries and capturing something shocking.

In other words, you know, art.

Bonus points for not only getting Danny Trejo in this, but Doug Jones out of any form of makeup.

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