Frankenstein Unbound (1990)

Three Brian Aldis novels have been made into movies. Brothers of the HeadAI (yes, the Kubrick started and Spielberg ended movie) and this one, which was the first movie that Roger Corman had directed for two decades.

This is probably the best cast that Corman ever had, with John Hurt as the future scientist, Raul Julia as Dr. Frankenstein, Bridget Fonda as Mary Shelley, INXS singer Michael Hutchence as Percy Shelley, Nick Brimble as Frankenstein’s Monster and Jason Patric as Lord Byron.

So it stands to reason that he should make a movie where a man goes back in time — thanks to a military weapon and a computer car — to the time of the Shelleys and the real monster. Or monsters.

This is also the last movie Corman directed. It’s also the only movie where a future man faxes Mary Shelley her novel that she’s written before she writes it.

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