Flesh Contagium (2020)

Lorenzo Lepori made the fumetti film Catcomba which made me take notice of him. And man, Flesh Contagium is another great movie from his twisted mind. Made during Italy’s early lockdown — man, remember those days — this movie shows us that in 2029, after a virus has devastated humanity, left the global health infrastructure in ruins and created thousands of mutants.

Now, Executors have been appointed with hunting and killing not only these casualties but every single survivor. Two of those left behind, Helmut (Lepori, who co-wrote, co-produced and directed this too) and Ornella are running from the gas-masked shocktroopers before she alone survives, only. to be taken in by a mad scientist who keeps assaulting her, experimenting on her and pining for his diseased wife.

Sure, there are some emotions and comments on our present condition, but there’s also so much gore. I’d like to believe that Bruno Mattei is still alive or a brain in a jar or an unearthly specter who has come to the makers of this film in a dream and said, “Show them the beauty of grime and gore and do it in the Italian way.”

And they did.

And it was good.

You can get this from Massacre Video.

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