See for Me (2021)

Sophie (Skylar Davenport, a visually impaired, non-binary actor who is legally blind due to a stroke and rare neurological condition; they are also known for voice work on the Final Fantasy video games) is a young blind woman house-sitting at a secluded mansion that is silently being burglarized by thieves seeking a hidden safe. Her only means of defense is a new app called See For Me that connects her to a countrywide volunteer ready to help her survive by seeing on her behalf like Kelly, an army vet who relives her past playing video games. Can a blind teenager survive against the odds?

There have been plenty of home invasion movies — I may have watched more than one just this week — but the direction by Randall Okita and the script by Adam Yorke and Tommy Gushue has some unique edges, like presenting Sophie as someone who steals small objects from the homes she watches and who rages against the world, a place that has cost her the ability to ski.

If you’re looking for something new to watch this weekend, See for Me just might be it.

See for Me is now available in select theaters, on digital platforms and on VOD from IFC Midnight.

One thought on “See for Me (2021)

  1. I saw this virtually at one of the film festivals last year.. while it was different.. it was also over-acted (if that’s even a word) by the villain Kim Coates – who while great on Sons of Anarchy where overacting was needed.. overall this film worked somewhat for me .. I think I just wanted more from it though I’m not sure what. 🙂


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