Monsters in the Closet (2022)

When famous horror author Raymond Grant dies under mysterious circumstances, his daughter returns home — oh man, how many times do I have to tell horror movie characters to never go back home and never settle affairs and never try to get any answers — to investigate his death.

Jasmin learns that her father wasn’t just writing about black magic, he was using it to finish his new book. And when the audiobook gets played, all manner of creatures emerge into our world. This story forms the story around several other shorter tales that play out in this anthology.

In “Please Kill Me Again,” a woman (Denyse Arlene Hollis, who co-wrote the story) is bitten by zombies and then decides that she wants to be killed by a human so she doesn’t have to live in that undead body. “Home Improvement” shows what happens when Tian and Zeke ( Luke Couzens and Carmilla Crawford) can’t agree on a plan to fix up their new home  with potentially horrifying results. “The One-Percenters” is about just how far the rich will go to cover up a crime — even a camping trip with numerous people isn’t safe. Finally, “Frankenstein’s Wife” is about a man accidentally killing his wife and bringing her back again and again until she’s happy.

All horror anthologies — even the best ones — have their highs and lows. This one has many more highs though, which is more than I can say from the majority of the unconnected horror portmanteau movies that get sent out way. The connective story and writing by The Snygg Brothers makes this one a winner.

Monsters in the Closet is available on digital and on demand from Gravitas Pictures.

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