Because of Eve (1948)

Sally and Bob have been married a year and there’s some good news. It seems like she’s pregnant. That means they go to see Dr. West, who has no idea what HiPPA laws are or the privacy of the patient and we learn about how Sally had a baby with Bob’s best friend who died in World War II and their issues with VD and when things get weird, he makes them watch some other movies within the movie like The Story of V.D.The Story of Reproduction and The Story of Life and oh man, throw away your popcorn because you know it’s time to see diseased vaginas and penises. Let’s throw in a cesarian and regular birth, because the people demand it!

After the movie, perhaps you’d like to purchase The Mid-Century Marriage Guide?

Director Howard Bretherton made a hundred or so low budget westerns and was a master of editing in camera, a skill he passed on to his son David Bretherton, who edited Cabaret and Westworld, and his granddaughter Gillian L. Hutshing, who was on the editing team for Blade RunnerRadEyes of Fire and The Monster Squad.

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