The Prophecy: Uprising (2005)

There’s no Christopher Walken, but would you perhaps like Doug Bradley, Sean Pertwee, and Kari Wuhrer instead? No? Oh well…

Joel Soisson, who produced the last films in this series and wrote the third one, both wrote and directed this one. And much like every movie made in the 2000s that was a horror sequel, it was shot in Bucharest, Romania and made at the same time as the fifth movie in this series The Prophecy: Forsaken.

Theology student Allison (Wuhrer) has discovered The Lexicon, a mysterious book of prophecies that writes itself, including a brand new chapter of the Book of Revelation that will explain how the war between the angels comes to an end and who the Antichrist is. The demon Belial and the angel Simon both want to use the book for evil and good, so Belial kills people and steals their bodies while Simon starts to guide Allison by using her mental illness to speak directly to her, which is not something that works in a movie in 2021.

The thing I do enjoy about this movie is that it turns out that even Satan doesn’t like the black and white world of evil and good any longer. That makes sense and is very true to who the devil could be.

You may come into this movie upset that it changes so much, but in truth, it’s a good film. By comparison to the Hellraiser series and where that goes, this holds up well.

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