Repossession (2019)

Jim hits fifty and then is told that he can either quit or get fired from his high-end job in status-conscious Singapore, yet ego and pride cause him to keep the truth from his wife Linda (Amy Cheng, Crazy Rich Asians) and daughter Ashley (Rachel Win), only telling his best friend and clinging to the material goods that came from his past success. Yet as his life keeps falling apart, the bank attempts to take everything he has of value while a demonic force tries to take everything else.

Directed and written by GOH Ming Siu with Scott C. Hillyard, Repossession is sold like a horror movie. Yet while there are supernatural elements, the truly frightening things is that I know men like Jim. You do as well — if you ask any man to tell you about themselves, chances are the first thing they will do is tell you what they do for a living. So much of our identity is not who we truly are. Instead, we share what we do. Once that has been taken away, so many men just keep following the motions, going through the motions like a Romero zombie in a shopping mall, walking past their old jobs and unable to find their next story.

The film doesn’t easily explain the demon that is within Jim’s life. Is it a murderous side that always existed? Or is it a real demon that has cursed his family? Regardless, the central theme that your errors and hubris will corrupt the others in your life is one that cuts to the bone. You can see just how easily a life can fall apart, how a once proud man now hides in an Uber hoping he never has to pick up a friend or someone from his old job. The idea of that — and trust me, I went from running my own business to unloading trucks a few years ago, so I understand — is more horrifying than any mere monster.

Repossession is available from Gravitas Ventures and Kamikaze Dogfight.

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