JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Chinese Kamasutra (1994)

Joan Parker (Giorgia Emerald, who only appeared in this film) works in a Chinese library and she turns down every man brave enough to try and pick her up until she finds the Chinese Kamasutra on the shelves and the black and white illustrations get her all excited like The Joy of Sex‘s hairy bodies did for your parents in the mid 70s and she discovers liberation. Also, a sex cult is spying on her because she’s a character in a Chang Lee Sun film.

Yes, that’s Joe D’Amato.

Anyways, this sex cult lives right next to Joan and they’ve been after her forever, even in a past life, and they have a dildo altar because, again, this is a Joe D’Amato movie.

Also, the Kama Sutra is a Hindu Indian book and not Chinese.

I have no idea why Giorgia Emerald only made this one movie. Sure, her performance isn’t the best ever, but she’s incredibly attractive and seemingly perfect for the D’Amato softcore world. As it is, you can tell that he’s not invested at all in this movie and simply making films at this stage to make money. Some moments of strangeness still emerge and for those of us who are completists, this is one more to check off our lists.

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