JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Convent of Sinners (1986)

Directed*, photographed** and edited — and based on Denis Diderot’s 1780 novel La Religieuse, which started as a practical joke in which the writer tried to lure Marquis de Croismare back to Paris with letters from a nun named Suzanne who wanted the Marquis to help her renounce her vows — by Joe D’Amato. While the original novel is a scathing takedown of a repressive church, we all know exactly why Joe is making a movie in a convent.

Susanna (Eva Grimaldi, Obsession: A Taste for FearDemons 5: The Devil’s Veil) has been taken to that holy place because her father was overcome by lust and assaulted her. It seems that no one can be around her long without being overcome with the need to touch Susanna and that includes the priest that she falls for. However, Sister Teresa (Karin Well, Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror) is envious of the attention that she receives from Mother Superior (Aldina Martano, who was also in The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine) so she accuses her of possession.

The only nurse that cares is Sister Ursula, who is played by Luciana “Jessica Moore” Ottaviani, who would be in the Eleven Days, Eleven Nights films.

This is trash, but it’s great looking trash, and isn’t that why we seek Joe D’Amato movies out?

*Dario Donati is the name D’Amato used.

**Under his real name Aristide Massaccesi.


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