JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Vow of Chastity (1976)

I’d like to believe that nether Joe D’Amato or George Eastman — in one of their first collaborations — ever had issues with impotency, but man, the heroes in their movies do.

Annibale wants to leave all of his money — made from prostitition houses — to his nephew Andrea. The only problem is that the young man wants to be a priest and will have nothing to do with sex, so the entire family conspires to send woman after woman his way.

This is also the first time that Laura Gemser would work with D’Amato and she has an extended ballet dance stripdance that goes on for a long time but why would anyone complain about such a thing?

That said, this is a D’Amato movie and he loves to punish you for your male gaze as well as rewarding it, including an Oedipal complex at the root of Andrea’s issues as well as his fear of death which manifests itself as a gory nightmare that hints at the excesses that D’Amato would unleash in Buio Omega.

Vow of Chastity doesn’t get mentioned much in the D’Amato filmography as its kind of a footnote. But due to the relationships that started here and the hints of the director’s themes that would later be more visible, it’s worth a view.

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