JOE D’AMATO WEEK: I racconti della camera rossa (1993)

Tales of the Red Chamber finds our pal Joe D’Amato making a movie as Robert Yip, which may be one of my favorite of his many stage names. And this movie has been reviewed by exactly no one — so far — on Letterboxd, which makes it one of the few D’Amato movies with little to no attention.

A Filmirage presentation, this tells the story of an elderly traveler seeking shelter from the rain in a bordello. As he warms himself by the fire, he repays the kindness of the madame with a series of stories, starting with a young man who does everything to win over a woman who is already married, only to learn that she’s a man. In the second story, a jealous ruler uses a special chastity belt on his bride to destroy the manhood of three men. Yes, it’s a mini-guillotine. Then, an old man buys love potions to calm his wife and also cure his impotency and ends up mixing them up. And finally, a cloth seller pulls off the old adult film pizza delivery story, as he needs to get paid and the lady of the house wonders if there’s another way she can settle the transaction.

Strangely, this softcore movie was made in the midst of D’Amato making nearly all hardcore movies and many folks thought Robert Yip was a real person and this was actually an imported Asian film.

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