JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Sesso acerbo (1981)

Look, when it comes to Joe D’Amato, I’m going deep and that’s no pun.

Sasha Kramer (Roland Carey, whose career stretches back to peplum like Revolt of the Barbarians and the gothic horror of La bambola di Satana) and his wife Helen (Pauline Teutscher, whose career mainly was in adult film) are a middle-aged and childless couple. Things seem good for them, except that Helen is lonely, so she gets a job becoming Alain’s maid, but we all know that things are going to progress into them hooking up because of who directed this along with Claudio Bernabei, who was the assistant director on Like Rabid Dogs and wrote D’Amato’s films Death Smiles on a Murderer and Giubbe rosse.

It’s all a plot to have a child while Sasha also sleeps with the man who is cucking him’s mother, which is the kind of double negative cuck that makes the first cuck no longer count and only happens in Italian movies, right?

There’s literally nothing in this that’s all that erotic and it’s mainly a grimy looking story of searching for a connection. The name means Bitter Sex and it was made during the same year that D’Amato made thirteen other movies, including Absurd.

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