Antropophagus 2000 (1999)

Andreas Schnaas is probably best known for Violent Shit, its many sequels and Zombie ’90: Extreme Pestilence. As a homage to Italian director Joe D’Amato — who I think would kind of appreciate being ripped off — he also remade Antropophagus with this film.

Three Interpol agents explore a cave filled with bodies and find the journal of Nikos Karamanlis, a man lost at sea who was forced to eat his wife and daughter. Yes, we’re right into the same story D’Amato told, but with somehow even more unrestrained gore.

So yes, we do switch out a boat for an RV — note to Bill Van Ryn, add this to the RV horror film Letterboxd list — and Andreas Schnaas is no George Eastman (or Joe D’Amato, but talk about a tall order) but if you’d like to see someone remake a movie that already ended up on the video nasty list and say, “I don’t think that baby eating scene went far enough” have I got some good news for you. Actually, spoiler warning for anyone brave enough to watch this, but you may get to see more than one baby get eaten, which is really the definition of gratuitous, but what are you watching a low budget German remake of an Italian scumbag slasher for?


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