You Can’t Kill Meme (2021)

A political meme — you’ve seen them if you’re on social media — is a purposefully designed visual framing of a position that is created to deliver an inside joke, trigger an emotional reaction and create a sense of belonging. Memes are an entirely new form of political communication and attempts to use them for good and ill are growing rapidly.

They’re also close in use and form to sigils, the secret language used in chaos magic. Is that intentional? Or do you need to know it’s magic to use the power?

Director/cinematographer Hayley Garrigus made a three-year descent into the anonymous internet underworld to explore the genesis of memetic magic. She was also able to get information from both sides of the political spectrum, such as Memetic Magic: Manipulation of the Root Social Matrix and the Fabric of Reality author R. Kirk Patwood, Billy Brujo, Carole Michaella, Sean Bell, Nick Peterson, Mason Inglaessia, “User 666” and “Marianne” and more.

This film won’t give you any easy answers, as both the right and left are given equal time. This has upset some people that reviewed the film, as there’s no condemnation for anything in this film. Instead, it’s fascinated by the fact that memes potentially enabled political candidates to be elected.

As someone that has experience with both chaos magic and binding rituals against political figures, as well as creating memes for both personal and professional uses, I understand what this film is trying to state. However, it’s pretty scattershot and moves in plenty of directions. Yet that’s just why it’s so fascinating, much like the woman who claims that she knows that Obama has walked on Mars and is working to kill all of humanity, but then pauses to ask if Garrigus would like some tea.

You Can’t Kill Meme is now available on digital streaming from Utopia.

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