9th Old School Kung Fu Fest: 36 Deadly Styles (1980)

The Old School Kung Fu Fest is back and the Museum of the Moving Image and Subway Cinema will co-present eight newly restored films and one fan favorite classic by Kuo on glorious 35mm. Four titles will be available exclusively online, December 6–13, and another five films for in-person big-screen viewing at MoMI, December 10–12. 

To see any of these shows, visit the Museum of the Moving Image online or Subway Cinema.

Wah-jee and his uncle are being hounded by fighters led by Cheung Sze and their battles take them to a Buddhist temple. The uncle dies before a monk named Huang saves them, killing most of their enemies, and putting Wah-jee to work in the temple. But it’s strenuous and brutal work doing the chores and he seeks to leave just as Tsu-mun returns with Bolo Leung in a crazy wig and starts destroying his new home.

Pulled away at the last second, our hero must learn the 36 Deadly Styles if he wants revenge for his uncle, his father and his new life.

Cheung Sze is so brutal that a strike from him can poison you for weeks, an affliction that can only be cured with herbal wine. Man, imagine that? Nerve strikes so painful you have to drink to get better!

Obviously, the Wu-Tang Clan loved this movie, what with Kuan-Wu Lung playing a character named the Ghost Face Killer. As for me, I appreciate any martial arts movie that suddenly has Henry Mancini’s “The Pink Panther Theme” come on in the middle of what should be a historical Asian setting.

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