The Reenactment (2021)

When you’re an unknown writer/director with an up-and-coming cast of actors and you want to entice those to stream your film: cast horror icon Tony Todd in your comedy homage to “unsolved mystery” shows, most famously, the Robert Stack-hosted Unsolved Mysteries.

A meta-retro film, the story takes a look back on Myths & Mysteries, a ’90s-era reality-reenactment series hosted by Tony Todd. Their latest assignment is at an abandoned, haunted home connected to a pair of infamous bank robbers. The home’s haunting came result of the Wallach Brothers not knowing the home was sold and they murdered the newlywed couple-owners. The mystery comes not from the murders . . . but what happened to the Wallach Brothers.

Needless to say, Tony Todd — in an extended cameo — is the best actor of the cast. The production is on the weak side, but expected for an ultra low-budget indie. What the film lacks in those departments, it more than makes up in the writing. So while the horror aspects aren’t all that effective, the humor hits the mark and keeps you watching.

The Nashville, Tennessee-shot horror comedy stars Megan Duffy (Showtime’s The Affair), James Cox (aka, wrestling champion James Storm), and Kaitlyn Bausch (HBO’s Power and NBC’s Law and Order:SVU). Writer and director Andrew Ford and his partner Eli Osman are the veterans of four short films produced since 2008.

The Reenactment is their debut feature film and becomes available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies, Cable and Satellite On Demand on December 7 through Freestyle Digital Media. You can follow the film on Facebook and easily access all of the platforms where it streams at Link Tree.

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