SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE: Death Valley (2021)

When a secret experiment goes horribly wrong — which may have something to do with the Nephilim — bioengineer Doctor Chloe (Kristen Kaster, puts out an emergency signal warning that she has special DNA that can help the world while also warning any would-be rescuers that a monster (played by Matthew Ninaber, who was Psycho Goreman, and wrote and directed this movie) is on the loose.

Two teams — a heavily armed militia and our protagonists Marshall (Ethan Mitchell) and Beckett (Jeremy Ninaber) — work to get into the compound, rescue the scientist and collect the reward.

Sold on the good name of the aforementioned Psycho Goreman, keep in mind that none of the creative team that made that movie have written or directed this one. This is much closer to an 80s creature feature like The Terror Within so either be warned or be pleased.

Audrey Barrett, who the effects for this film and Psycho Goreman, created an amazing monster costume, however, Sure, all it does is repeatedly throw people into walls, but it’s a gorgeous practical suit, yet another throwback to the glory days of direct to rental 80s VHS (and before that as well).

I just wish it had a movie to go with the great effects.

You can watch Death Valley on Shudder.

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