The Amityville Harvest (2020)

The Amityville Harvest might be set in Amityville — which is more than so many in the series can say — but it also has a vampire that encounters a documentary crew so it was none of that whole “is it supernatural or not?” questions that the series usually deals with. Then again, there have been Amityville sharks and werewolves now, not to mention Amityville Vampire.

This time, the aforementioned documentary crew visits the home of a man who says that he has a story to tell about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. It turns out that Vincent Miller (Kyle Lowder, who was on Days of Our Lives as Brady Black for two decades) is a former Confederate soldier turned vampire who doesn’t show up on anything the crew records, which is a nice touch.

There are also ghosts and zombies, in case this movie needed more things to happen, as well as Yan Birch from The People Under the Stairs and the face of Pazuzu Eileen Dietz.

It’s also one of three Amityville movies that Thomas J. Churchill has directed and written for Lions Gate, who really seem like they should be above such matters. That’s probably why everyone watches — and talks about — the director’s 2014 movie The Day of the Living Dead.

I guess there’s something for everyone unless you’re, you know, looking for an actual Amityville movie.

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