Lilith’s Hell (2017)

Lilith’s Helli would like you to know that Ruggero Deodato invented the found footage film.

Ryan (Marcus J. Cotterell) is a film director and Ruggero Deodato superfan who has come to Rome to work with Marco (Vincenzo Petrarolo, who also directed this) and Alberto (Federico Palmieri). He doesn’t want to make a horror movie, but yeah, he kind of wants to make a horror movie

Maybe things will get better when Michelle (Manuela Stanciu) and the other actresses arrive, right?

Of course, Marco and Alberto are more into sleeping with the girls than making a movie and when something overtakes Michelle, she ends up biting off more than Alberto had in mind. This movie should teach you not to hire actresses off the internet, ply them with drugs and then treat them as if they were in a Rocco Siffredi movie when a demonic force is nearby. Shouldn’t you know that already?

As the rest of the crew — which also includes makeup artist Sara (Joelle Rigollet, Inside) — wakes up to screams in the middle of the night, they soon learn that this home and this movie was probably no accident. Some dark fate awaits everyone.

I mean, the house has a secret ritual chamber for Lilith, who was cast from Eden because she would not follow Adam. And now, she wants to return to our world. So yeah — a feminist demon attacking the crew of a Ruggero Deodato movie shot in found footage style, but it looks way better than it should and despite the bad acting from much of the male cast, I still found myself enjoying it, particularly the ending where despite the real dead bodies — I mean, within the movie and with Italian movies you really do need to explain that — Deodato arrives and tells the cameras to shoot everything.

If it didn’t have so much to do with Deodato, I doubt I’d have even seen this film, so the stunt casting is a success. Luckily, the movie for the most part — particularly the occult reveal — worked enough to keep me for the entire running time.

You can watch this on Tubi or buy the DVD from MVD.

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