RONIN FLIX BLU RAY RELEASE: I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu (2019)

Forty years after I Spit On Your Grave, this film promises the return of Jennifer Hills (Camille Keaton).

This starts with a quote that says if you plan on revenge, dig two graves and spit on one, which is funny. I find it even more humorous that people have attributed that quote to Confucius for years and it’s probably from Japan, not China.

Since we last saw Jennifer, she’s been acquitted of all charges and wrote a bestselling book based on her ordeal and has also become a successful rape counselor. Meanwhile, her daughter Christy (Jamie Bernadette) has been modeling since she was ten years old.

Meanwhile, the families of Jennifer’s revenge have not forgotten what she did to them and plan on getting their own eye for an eye. Johnny’s wife, Becky (Maria Olsen, Starry Eyes), Johnny’s mother, Millie and father Henry, Matthew’s grandmother Beady Eyes and father Herman, Andy’s cousin, Scotty and Stanley’s brother Kevin have had years to plan.

The big surprise in this — spoiler warning — is that Jennifer dies quite early and we instead spend much of the movie watching her daughter get revenge, going way further their her mother ever did.  There’s another revelation coming even after that which didn’t surprise me, but what happens after did.

That said, this movie was a really rough watch. Original director Meir Zarchi came back after several sequels and this feels unwieldy, particularly with a two-and-a-half-hour length. It has some of the worst performances I’ve seen in some time and I felt bad for both Keaton and Bernadette, who really was trying in this.

If you’re going to stage a burial plot using props from a Halloween store, maybe you shouldn’t set them up in an actual cemetery alongside actual headstones that cost upward of $10,000. Plus, we’re supposed to believe that our lead character is trapped in a backwoods town peopled only by people that want her dead, but we also just see people walking around like nothing bad is happening*.

This is the kind of Rob Zombie movie that even Rob Zombie wouldn’t make.

You can get this from RoninFlix. The blu ray extras include audio commentary by Joe Bob Briggs, cast interviews, a making-of feature and the trailer. I feel bad that they sent me a copy of this and I beat it up so badly, so in return for their generosity, I can recommend a few better movies from their site like HauntCity of the Living Dead and The Sect.

*Kudos to Mike Justice for both of these salient points.

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