Maya (1989)

Marcello Avallone made Specters, a movie that’s way better than it has any right to be, and Maya lives up to that same feel. He only made these two films in the horror space and that’s a shame, because he seems devoted to giving audiences exactly what they want.

Also, seeing as how this starts with a quote from Carlo Castaneda, you know that this won’t be your typical genre film. It should also clue you into the fact that this movie is an incoherent mess, which I usually say as a compliment, because when I say the words Italian horror, you should look beyond the smile on my face and strange gaze I cast and really hear me say incoherent mess.

Mayan king Xibalba threatened to kill from beyond death and he starts with an archaeologist named Saloman Slivak (William Berger), whose daughter wants to figure it all out. Don’t we all?

This is the very definition of a slow-moving film, one filled with characters that we shouldn’t — and don’t — care for or about. But man, when Xibalba leaves his shadow world and snuffs them out, you pay attention. As such, does he become the hero of this movie, as he is the only character that changes the narrative and provides action? I’m all for more Mayan horror; let’s bring Xibalba back for a movie that deserves his willingness to decimate humanity.

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