Prisoners of the Ghostland (2021)

So go with me on this.

After a prison bus crashed into a truck filled with nuclear waste, a big chunk of Japan was written off and is a lawless wasteland, with one town – Samurai Town — being ruled by The Governor (Bill Moseley) who has a harem of so-called granddaughters as his slaves. All around his small town is what they call the Ghostland, a place where the radiated scum of the Earth live and die and kill. When Bernice (Sofia Boutella, Gazelle from Kingsmen: The Secret Service and Jaylah from Star Trek Beyond), one of the granddaughters, goes missing The Governor makes it Hero’s (Nicholas Cage, again the California Kinski of weird roles in stranger movies) job to rescue her.

Through movie fate, Hero’s old partner was Psycho (Nick Cassavetes), a man who will fill anyone in his way and was the cause of the accident which destroyed most of Japan. And then one of his balls explodes.

Yes, Prisoners of the Ghostland isn’t your normal movie. It’s directed by Sion Sono, who also made Suicide ClubTokyo TribeWhy Don’t You Play In Hell?Tag and so many more wild movies over the past few years.

Sono has called Wild at Heart his favorite Nicolas Cage movie and one of his inspirations while saying that Cage was “The easiest person I ever worked with, brought me back from the dead.”  That’s because the film was delayed a year after the director had a heart attack.

As for Cage, he’s referred to this as the wildest movie he’s ever made. My jury is out on that one, but this movie looks, feels and acts as odd as its star and trust me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. A gang of mutants against angry women and Cage with a sword, one arm and one testicle? I know what side I’m on.

Prisoners of the Ghostland will stream exclusively on Shudder starting November 19.

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