Man, Mill Creek, way to send me looking for what exact movie this is. Could it be the 1978 martial arts film Deadly Strike AKA Breakout from Oppression or is it 1982’s Breakout from Opression AKA Exposed to Danger?

It’s the latter. So no Gordon Liu for me.

Instead, this is a Godfrey Ho dubbed film about a woman out of prison after twelve years who is being stalked as she begins her new career. Fonda Chao must be talented, because who else goes directly from doing a bid for murder to instantly becoming assistant editor of a newspaper?

That said, this movie pushes for some wild moments, like a bar of soap concealing a knife and broken glass being served to little kids at a picnic. Also — the soundtrack is taken from The Howling and Tangerine Dream’s Thief score, plus the ending is stolen from Friday the 13th. These things make me love this movie even more, to be honest.

Who knew Godfrey Ho, when he’s not making a ninja movie, can recut and dub a film — originally directed by Karen Yang — and have it make so much sense?

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