Yeah, nearly a decade after this movie was released in theaters, it came back out as Raiders of the Treasure of Tayopa because sometimes people get confused at the video store.

Writers Robert Mason and Phillip Michel, as well as director Bob Cawley and most of the actors in this movie, all were one and done with this film as their lone attempt at making it.

Well, they didn’t.

Except for Gilvert Roland, the one-time Cisco Kid, is the narrator. Yet two of the charcacters also narrate the film, which is different. So is having a female lead in a Western. But as three people and one psychopath head to Mexico to take seventeen tons of gold back to America.

You may see the beginning — a cockfight — and think, “This is going to be some watchable sleaze.” But it isn’t. It isn’t even sleaze. It’s Treasure of the Sierra Madre without talent, storytelling, visual appeal or Bogart, but it does have a bad guy who is a man named Sally. One assumes that his father named him that because he knew that he wouldn’t be there to help him along, so he gave him that name and said goodbye, and he knew Sally would have to get tough or die.

Can you imagine renting this and expecting movie serial style action? The box art just screams desperation and disappointment and now, this film lies waiting for you amongst 49 other movies.

A wise man once said, “Marion, don’t look at it. Shut your eyes, Marion. Don’t look at it, no matter what happens.”

You should listen to him.

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