What would you do if your mother was a hooker?

Honestly, I’d be less embarrassed by that fact than I am to admit that I watched this movie.

Arthur Robinson was the auteur of this whole shebang, as he directed, wrote, art directed, production designed and even decorated the sets and wrote the original play that it was based on Don’t Leave Go of My Hand. This is his deal the whole way out and I’m shocked that he didn’t star in it as well.

The main character is the white-passing son of a light-skinned prostitute sent to live with his grandparents and forever stuck between the worlds of black and white. That sounds very sweet, except that Grandpa assaults Young Boy’s girlfriend, which is not the positive life lesson I was hoping for.

Somehow, this was sold as a blacksploitation movie when it’s closer to that chitlin circuit plays you used to see advertised at 4 AM right before Perspectives.

Then again, I’ve never seen a movie that goes from a sepia funeral to the main character choking his mother to death, so there’s that. Spoiler warning for a film I warn you to not watch.

Then I give you the YouTube link.

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