Electric Jesus (2020)

When a flashy promoter (Brian Baumgartner, Kevin from The Office) sells sound man Erik (Andrew Eakle) — who has a rant on Christian rock in this movie that must be heard to be believed, because it goes way beyond just Petra and Stryper — and his favorite local Christian hair metal band 316 on a bus tour in the summer of 1986.

Can they deliver on their desire to make Jesus famous while becoming rock stars? And will their friendship survive?

I was struck by just how much I enjoyed this movie, as it got across what it feels like to be in a band beyond just the joy of playing on stage. Additionally, the struggles between fame and faith felt feal here while keeping the movie focused on being pretty funny.

Judd Nelson plays a minister whose daughter yearns for the open road. And you know, I can’t believe that this movie went from “I guess I’ll watch a few minutes” to making me emotional at the end after learning about where her journey takes her.

Even if you know nothing about the world of 80s religious metal, you have to admire a movie that has a band whose most well-known song is “Commando for Christ.”

This movie is now available digitally. You can learn more about Electric Jesus on the offical site and Facebook page.

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